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Best-sellers and favorite combinations


Almost every time I take an order I get asked the question "What combination of flavors/what cake/cupcake/cookie do you recommend?". Here is a rundown of my best-selling flavors!

Cake flavors and fillings
Cupcakes, Cookies, and Bars

My bestseller? Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. My buttercream is different than any you have tasted and my customers LOVE it. Marble cake with salted caramel and dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling are also popular. Feeling adventerous? Try cookie butter caramel filling or the coffee buttercream. Amazing!


As my husband often says, "Why would you want anything else when you can have pie?' I kind of agree. My favorite? Southern Pecan. This, along with my cinnamon crumble apple pie is a best seller. Coming close is my Kentucky Thoroughbred pie-chocolate bottom, caramel walnut filling, chocolate drizzle, no calories. :)

Cupcakes? Strawberry Lemonade and Red Velvet filled with chocolate ganache.

Cookies? Red velvet cream cheese cookies, pumpkin sugar cookies with cinnamon buttercream, and butterscotch oatmeal.

Bars? Ultimate 7 layer bars. I sell more of these than any other dessert. These have a thick graham cracker cookie crust and are awesome.

Breads and Rolls

Let me just start by saying I LOVE cinnamon rolls and cannot pick a favorite. My recipe is to die for and you won't be able to eat just one (trust me on this...pans have disappeared in hours in my house!). My best sellers? My old fashioned caramel rolls and Orange Breakfast Rolls. My pumpkin scones are high on the list, and my Orange Chocolate Chip Loaf is popular. My favorite? Cherry chocolate scones. There are good scones and bad scones-mine are awesome!

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