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Custom Cakes

Prices Vary

A bake occasion custom cakes are designed from scratch to give you the perfect cake to meet your needs. From one layer sheet cakes to multi-tiered designs, my cakes are original and tailored to your specifications. Because each cake is so different, prices are as well. I can however, work with any reasonable budget, so give me a call and let's get started!

Dessert Cakes

start @ $25.00

All flavors of dessert cakes can be made as small as a 6" round which serves 4-6 people, and large enough to serve 40. All dessert cakes are beautifully decorated to fit their flavor.



All pies are 9" pies piled high on homemade buttery crust. Fruit pies start $16.00 and pecan/walnut pies start at $20.00. Mini 4.5" pies are also available for $6.00 with a minimum order of 3 mini pies per order.

Gourmet Bars


Bars are sold by the dozen and are approx. 2.5" inches. (Price is the average price per dozen, some bar recipes are less).



All quickbread loaves are $8.00/loaf. Mini 5" loaves are available for $5.00/each with a minimum order of 3 loaves. Special holiday breads vary in price and by season.



Cookies are approximately 2.5-3" in diameter and are $10.00-$12.00 dozen. Custom and specialty sugar cookies are available and prices vary by design. I have experience copying a design and designing from scratch-give me a call!

Custom Chocolates

Prices Vary

A bake occasion offers custom molded chocolates for all occasions. Chocolate suckers, molded cholates, party favors, etc. These are delicious and so so popular!

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All cupcakes are considered gourmet flavors and are beautifully decorated to fit their flavor. Additional decorations and custom toppers can be added to fit any theme and are an additional $.25-.50/each.

Breakfast Rolls, Scones, Muffins


My breakfast rolls are restaurant size and are $22.00/dozen. Scones are $20.00/dozen, as are my large muffins. Mini scones and muffins are available upon request. A minimum of a dozen is of any roll/scone/muffin is required per order.

Cupcake Bouquets

$25.00 and $35.00

My cupcake bouquets are exactly what they sound like- cupcakes beautifully decorated to look like flowers arranged in a keepsake vase. Each small bouquet includes approximately 8 cupcakes, each large bouquet includes approsimately 16 cupcakes, and all bouquets can be customized for flavor and color preference. Additional "vases" such as large mugs can be added for an additional cost. These are a beautiful and popular gift!

Cookie Cakes


Cookie cakes range from 10" to 16" in size and come in a variety of flavors. They can be decorated with any theme and are perfect for the person in your life who deserves to celebrate an event but doesn't like cake!

Party Kits


Each party kit is boxed individually and comes with 2 "naked" cupcakes or 3 "naked" sugar cookies with frosting bags and pods of sprinkles and candy toppings. Each kit can be personalized for party theme. These are perfect for birthday parties-they are the treat and the entertainment both!

Fudge, Truffles, and Candy

Prices Vary

A bake occasion has an extensive menu of fudges and candies. Though normally thought of only at Christmas, these make excellent gifts throughout the year. If you are interested, please give me a call to discuss options and prices.


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